The Phoenix rising from the ashes. A restoration breathes life back into something classic and timeless. Perhaps you inherited your grandfather’s (or great-grandfather’s) favorite possession, but after failed attempts to get it running again it was shoved into a corner of the garage or barn decades ago. Perhaps you are a collector of fine antique motorcycles and acquired a rare Velocette or WWI Indian, recognizing what it could be if handed to a master artisan. When you hand your treasured antique motorcycle over to Frank, he doesn’t see a rusted out frame, busted gas tank and a dilapidated box of mismatched and dirty parts. He sees what classic motorcycles were in their glory days. With over 50 years’ hands-on experience, Frank Deihl is the premiere expert of breathing life back into these historic treasures.

Ask anyone that restores antiques and they will tell you it takes passion to complete the task. Frank has that passion for British and European classic bikes. There are no vintage motorcycle restoration shops like Frank's. Frank meticulously strips down each bike piece by piece and begins the arduous tasks of repair, refinish, and replacement until what was once a motorcycle others would put in the local landfill is now a work of art, a collector’s pièce de ré·sis·tance, or a great-grandchild’s most treasured (and rideable) memory.

Contact Frank's motorcycle restoration shop about your classic motorcycle to see what can be done to raise it from the ashes.

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